Gregory D. Gill PhD


Prior to becoming a faculty member at UNH I attended a training at The Center for Constructive Change, located on the campus of UNH. At that time I was a Associate Consultant in that State government division of Vocational Education. We were tasked with implementing federal legislation to design and build 20 Regional Vocational Centers in NH for high school youth. The State of NH had created state legislation funding the “brick and mortar” funds and maintenance of the facility for the first 3 years. Then it was the communities’ responsibility to maintain the programs and facilities after the third year. The framework of Key Results Planning which is a cornerstone of the Center for Constructive Change teaching was something I embraced and used to contribute to the planing and design of the Regional Vocational Centers in a number of different geographic centers in NH.

“One of my greatest joys is to see people believe in themselves, to help them exceed their expectations and actualize their goals”.

I realized this process had other compelling applications one of which was helping me complete my PhD. Requirements, fund my dissertation and execute the personal interviews I conducted throughout Colorado that I used to contribute to Federal Legislation for the evaluation of Secondary and Post-Secondary Vocational Programs.