Gregory D. Gill PhD

Session Options

Individual Session

Self Directed by Individual session with Coach
An individual can purchase the WALKABOUT and "go it on their own" but would like short term advice.

By Month

Partnered with Coach 5 Sessions
An individual is provided with a month of service. Sessions to cover design, implement & report on progress on the WALKABOUT.

Complete Package

Partnered with Coach and Replication 6 Sessions
An individual would spend 4-6 weeks to complete their WALKABOUT. Also, included would be strategies and tactics to overcome roadblocks.

Complete Package for Small Groups

3-4 participants with Coach 4 Sessions
Collaboration between and among the participants to meet at 5 agreed upon dates and time to learn and implement the WALKABOUT process.

Transition from College

“One of my greatest joys is to see people believe in themselves, to help them exceed their expectations and actualize their goals”.

What else do I do besides graduate?

See Session Options

Fifty percent of college graduates are employed in a field related to their college degree. What that also means is that fifty percent of those who graduated and are not in a degree related field. I learned this statistic through working with Alumni Associations. So, right off the bat we have a network of Alumni resources that can help to fulfill your Career aspirations. So, what are your Career Aspirations? If you don’t know where you are going you will probably end up someplace else!

Knowing where you want to go! with a path to get there, is a key benefit from using the Walkabout Career Planning Guide. What you bring to the table as input to the Walkabout is time, energy, desire and capability that translates into desired outcomes. Obviously, you have options.

What options(s) should you pursue?
Hare are you going to get there?
How will you know you have arrived?
What are the risk, cost and benefit of achieving your Purpose?