Gregory D. Gill PhD

Challenge yourself to a self paced improvement with the Walkabout Guide
Give yourself the Gift of Self Improvement this Holiday Season!

The Walkabout 3rd edition is a self-paced Self-improvement / Career Guide  $24.00 per copy

Within the 6 Chapters in the Self-Paced Guide you can navigate strategies and tactics by following the Guided “Key Results focus” at your own pace or with Coaching. Incorporated into the Walkabout are 4 learning styles because we all don’t learn the same way or at the same pace. Also, within the Walkabout a 3 Career Perspectives as a starting point.

  • As a recent College Graduate – “What else do I do besides graduate?”
  • As an individual in Mid-Career / transition – “Where do I go from here with the rest of my life?”
  • As a person about to Retire – “What else do I do besides Retire?”